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Health for You privacy policy:

Hello, friends let me tell you the privacy policy of my website, whatever we post on our website and whatever you search on our website, this privacy policy will help you understand that.
If you're using my website and you do not follow what this policy says, then I have full right to Block you.

What I share on my blog:

1. First of all, I share all the Health-Related information.
2. Secondly, I share fitness tips.
3. Third, tips on how to make your life cherished.
4. And also about health-related myths.

What I could do for U:

1. Whatever I share on my blog, users can comment on the quality of the article and can also give me suggestions regardings health topics.
2. Whenever I did something wrong or made a fault, users can contact me regarding my mistake, so that I could correct it.
3. On whatever topic I post the article, users can ask related questions to me.
4. If anyone is misusing our website then users can inform me regarding that.

How to use Health For YOu:

1. Don't use abusive words in the comments section.
2. Questions must be related to the post
3. If users have any problem with my website, then they could direct message me and are not allowed to use abusive language in the comment box.


Cookies are very small files. Whichever website user open, it gets stored to the hard drive of the computer, so that it could be easily accessible at the time.

Third-party link:

Without my permission, users can't publish Third Party Links.
If needed then the user can do it, else user can't publish Third Party Link.
Users have to take prior permission from me to publish such a thing.

Change Privacy Policy:

We can change privacy policy any time at our ease, but when we do that we'll notify everyone on a prior basis.

Terms and condition:

I believe that users will follow the privacy policy. and will never misuse this website. 

All Rights Reserved:

I have full right to block, delete, spam your comment.

I Hope the policy is clear to my users and hope that You all will follow the same.

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