Home Remedy And Prevention For Migraine Pain

Migraine Attack
Migraine Attack

A migraine can cause serious throbbing agony or a beating sensation, for the most part on only one side of the head. It's regularly joined by sickness, vomiting, and extreme affectability to light and sound.

Migraine assaults can make critical torment for a long time and can be severe to the point that the torment is debilitating.

It is extremely important to know which food to avoid and how to treat migraine pain.

Foods to prevent migraine pain

1. Cottage cheese (Paneer)

A lot of dishes are prepared with cheese, which people eat with great passion. Do you also consume much of the cheese, be careful, because the paneer has an important role in enhancing migraine pain. 

When migrating, cheeses cake, cheese slices should avoid eating this.

2. Sodium and Nitrate

Sodium and nitrate are added to protect hot dogs, bacon and some meats. But its intake can not only cause the attack of migraine but also the risk of heart disease. 

Also, prejudative, benzoic may also cause migraine. So try that you do not consume them.

3. Beans

Beans are very good for health. There is a good amount of vitamins in it, which can be easily used to satisfy the nutritious needs of your body. But people with constant migraine pain should avoid eating beans. 

In addition to beans, tofu, soy sauce, etc. can work to increase migraine pain. To avoid these things in migraine.

4. Distance from MSG

MSG (monosodium glutamate) is a type of flavor enhancer which is mixed in a variety of foods. MSG i.e. monosodium glutamate makes meals delicious and tasty, but some researches show that it provokes migraine attacks sometimes. 

MSG is found in all types of processed food, boxed foods, soups, salads, snacks, ice cream, chewing gum, ready-to-eat products, etc.

5. Pickles and chilies

We taste a lot of chilies and pickles for taste and fun, but it is not right for our health. Pickles and chilies of any kind can increase migraine pain. Pickles contain a high amount of oil with salt, which is not suitable for health. 

Therefore, avoid the distance between migraines during this abstinence

6. Caffeine

People often drink coffee, a great source of caffeine. Health experts agree that an excessive amount of caffeine is harmful and causes problems like anxiety, instability, headache, insomnia. Migraines can be problematic if caffeine consumed a lot.

7. Olive oil

Olive oil is identified as healthier oil. It is useful in many types of diseases. But migraine patients should avoid taking olive oil. Migraine pain increases with olive oil.

8. Dry fruits

The migraine patients should avoid eating more nut, peanuts, almonds, cashews, raisins, etc. Dried fruits have an element called sulfites, which increases the pain of migraine.

9. Fruits 

Banana, citrus fruits, red sesame seeds, and avocado also increase migraine pain, hence their intake should be avoided in migraine.

10. Junk food and liquor

Junk food and liquor are also harmful in migraine, so do not eat it if you have migraine problem. Apart from this, excessive consumption of alcohol is not properly circulated in the brain, due to which the patient has problems in migraine. Therefore, avoid the intake of this too.

Home Remedy to migraine

Ingredients for the remedy:

1. Rock salt

2. 5 ml timidly Boiled water 

The method of preparing this medicine:

First of all, rub the rock salt in water. Now lie down on your back and with the help of a dripper or cotton, put the 1 to 2 ml water solution in the nostril of the opposite side of the head in which the pain is excruciating. 

You will get relief in a little while. If you still do not get any relief then you can try it later.

This merely is a home remedy and does not guarantee a complete cure of migraine.


You have to use this experiment only once or twice, if you do this experiment more often, then you may get choked in your throat. 

If you face this kind of problem, then you take a little bit of Clarified butter(ghee) and drink it, you will get comfort.
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