Rules Of Drinking Milk As Per Ayurveda

Rules Of Drinking Milk
Rules Of Drinking Milk

According to Ayurveda, all necessary and nutritious ingredients are available in milk, which can not be obtained from any other diet. If milk is thoroughly digested then all the tissues of the body get nourished, regulates emotions and help to keep defects (vata, gall, and cough) balanced. According to Ayurveda,  to promote Ojas (vitality, strength, immunity, and mental/emotional wellness from eating pure and healthy foods), milk is one of the important food items. Therefore milk is important for every person of any age. 

But one such complication is that milk is hard to digest and can not be easily digested to everyone, so there are some rules for drinking milk in Ayurveda. These rules are explained in detail in this article, according to which the full benefit can be obtained from consuming milk.

Do's and Don'ts with milk:

Do not drink a milkshake

Most people believe that milkshake is beneficial for health. But Ayurveda says milkshake is not beneficial. According to 'The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies', fruits like banana, mango, melon, etc should never be mixed with milk or curd. These should be especially avoided. 

According to the book,  milk should not be eaten with a banana because it can calm the fire (gastric fire) and change the intestinal flora (good-bad bacteria living in the intestines). As a result, the toxic substances arise, which leads to sinus, cold, cough, allergies, urticaria and rash. Overall, the thing to remember is that never drink milk Shake regularly. Once or twice a week has no effect on the body.

Drink boiled milk

Some people like to drink cold milk. While the cold milk, especially the frozen milk should not be consumed. Boil the milk well before drinking. After this leave the milk to cool for 5 to 10 minutes. Because of heating the milk, its molecular structure changes, due to which it is easy to digest. While boiling the milk to reduce the side effects of milk, add a pinch of turmeric in it.

Drink milk half an hour before sleeping

According to Ayurveda drink hot milk half an hour before sleeping. It makes sleep well. to support the point, hot milk is a natural sweetener, which makes it a great snack. Give hot milk to drink in the afternoon, for better health of the children. It will also improve their strength and give them energy.

When is milk difficult to drink

There are some people who don't want to drink milk. While some people are like those who want to drink milk but they do not digest milk. 

Such people are advised in Ayurveda that they try to adapt their bodies to drink milk by drinking milk at the right time. For this, drink milk in small quantities at the beginning. Drink only 1/8 of boiled milk, in which a little bit of ginger mix. Increase the amount of milk after 10 days. Drinking in this way will not be difficult for those who can't digest it.


Drinking milk is very useful for health. Ayurveda incorporates it into a special diet. In this way, it is very beneficial to add milk to your lifestyle. But there are some rules for drinking milk in Ayurveda, you can get the full benefit of milk by following them.
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