Learn All About The Importance Of Testosterone

Spike Your Testerone Level
Spike Your Testosterone Level

The most fascinating hormone in the human body is testosterone, in my opinion. It is the main male hormone and it is thanks to them that men can have better performances in bed and sex. Testosterone provides several positive results for men who have their normal and established levels. But if you have problems with your testosterone levels you may have several problems.

This hormone assists men in the physical and sexual changes that occur during their fertility period, that is, it is the hormone that turns boys into real men. Testosterone changes from the voice to the hair on the male body. That is, the men begin to have the voice thicker and they perceive the growth of the hair of the beard, of the pubic regions and in the rest of the body. Testosteronerd is also responsible for the growth of the testicles and male penis, learn more.

Another important function of this hormone is to contribute to the increase of the libido, that is, of the sexual will. It also contributes to the control of the energy levels of the human body. This hormone is so important that men can produce sperm to procreate.

Unbalance Of Testosterone Levels

Who controls the levels of testosterone in the human body is the brain and pituitary gland. When it is produced testosterone travels through the human body through the blood and is responsible for several important functions. Testosterone levels change all the time. They tend to be taller in the morning and night. In men who are 20 to 30 years old testosterone levels tend to be higher, after which it is normal for a drop in the production of hormones.

Some men start having problems with testosterone levels starting at age 35. Some men (rarely) have problems with high levels of testosterone in the body. When testosterone levels are unbalanced, the tendency is for health problems to occur more often.

Symptoms Caused By Low Testosterone Levels In The Body

Now let's talk about some symptoms that can occur if you have low production of testosterone in your body. Check out:

1. Night problems with the quality of your erection

2. Lack of libido

3. Continuous mood changes

4. Difficulty staying focused

5. Tiredness

6. Discouragement and anger

7. Loss of muscle mass

8. Decrease in strength

9. Fall and lack of hair

10. Skin changes

11. Increased belly

If you have 3 or more of the symptoms that we quoted above my advice is that you seek a specialist for you to perform exams. If testosterone problems are found you will most likely have a hormone replacement treatment, but this varies from case to case.

Practicing physical activity and getting out of physical inactivity and eating better can improve your sexual performance and increase your testosterone levels quickly. In a month of practicing at least 30 minutes of physical activity and eating better, it is already possible to notice improvements in bed performance and a decrease of symptoms reported in the above list. You can also try to consume products indicated for the problem of erection and premature ejaculation such as Teston.
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