Neem A Magical Plant - Benefits And Use

Neem Leaves
Neem Leaves

Neem is one of the most commonly found plants in India, but do you all know that neem is full of properties with many health benefits.

Neem contains various antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and anthelmintic(expel parasitic worms) properties. The medicinal properties of the neem tree have been known in the Indian subcontinent for over 4,000 years.

Not only neem leaves but the whole bark, fruits, and seeds are beneficial for our health. Let's see how Neem Is Beneficial for our health.

Benefits Of Neem

1. Neem has antibacterial properties 

The leaves of neem contain antibacterial properties as well as contain antiviral and antifungal properties. Neem is also capable of killing microorganisms because of its microbial effects. In many places, a neem stick is normally used by individuals to maintain their oral health and to keep teeth free from cavities or plaque. 

2. Cures asthma 

Neem oil helps asthma patients and furthermore helps in treating cough, fever, and running nose. Taking 1-2 drops of neem oil every day can do marvels and offer you sound lungs. 

Neem oil not only cures asthma but prevents asthma as well, if taken on a regular basis.  

3. Treats ulcers 

Neem is very effective and safe in treating chest pain and ulcers. The concentrate from the neem bark has amazing properties to cure these health problems safely. Neem is effective because of the fact that it expands the amount of gastric bodily fluid which plays a noteworthy role in fighting ulcers. 

4. Controls diabetes 

As indicated by studies, the Neem plant has hypoglycaemic (blood sugar lowering) properties. Therefore, Neem is helpful in controlling blood sugar levels and can be perfect for diabetic patients. 

It additionally lessens oxidative stress which is caused because of diabetes. 

5. Maintains Oral hygiene and health

Even today, in many rural areas Neem's stick popularly known as Datun is used to clean teeth. Neem is used by many international companies in a variety of toothpaste. It helps in solving all kinds of problems related to the teeth. Due to its use, the pain of teeth, swelling of the gums, and the bad breathe of the mouth are easily removed.

This is because of the neem's antibacterial properties, it kills Streptococcus bacteria present in our mouth which leads to mouth ulcer or even terrible breath. 

6. Increases blood circulation

Since Neem is a natural blood purifier, it is perfect for continuous blood circulation and cleanses the whole body. Taking Neem consistently can likewise be useful for your skin to prevent the occurrence of blackheads or acne to a certain extent. 

7. Get rid of all skin problems - Acne and pimples

If you have trouble with any type of skin diseases, such as acne or blackheads, you should chew neem leaves on a regular basis for a few weeks. As Neem is a natural blood purifier, it increases blood circulation and cleanses the whole body and helps in getting rid of any type of skin problems. 

8. Get rid of mosquitoes 

Even today, in many places the neem leaves are collected and burnt in houses to get rid of mosquito in the evening. 

As we all know mosquitoes repellant liquid, spray and creams contain plenty of hazardous chemicals which adversely affects the body. Neem, on the other hand, is a natural mosquito repellant. And nowadays many international companies use neem oil in their products to get rid of mosquitoes. 

9. Relieves malaria symptoms

Neem is helpful for alleviating the distress and pain related to malaria. It likewise accelerates the healing procedure because of its antibacterial properties. It is additionally valuable in keeping malaria from happening. 

How to use neem 

Ayurveda traditionally prescribes to use neem in its powder form since taking the powder begins the digestion procedure and sends signs to the body to start the body's own supportive mechanisms.

The following ways in which neem can be used includes; 

1. Neem leaves: Pluck some leaves from neem tree and chew it gently.

2. Neem powder: Dry leaves for a few days and then grind them to make powder.

3. Neem paste: Neem powder and little water to make a neem paste.

4. Herbalized Neem Oil: It's better to buy neem oil from the store than making it at home.


Neem can have certain negative effects on your body though it possesses strong healing properties. 

1. Neem shouldn't be consumed by newborn children since it contains certain substances which are known to cause Reye's disorder in babies.

2. People with already low blood pressure are advised not to consume Neem.

3. It causes allergies, infertility, miscarriages and stomach irritation in women during pregnancy.
4. It can also cause kidney damage if it is taken excessively.

5. It Also leads to increased fatigue if taken excessively.

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  1. I've been consuming neem for a long time and its really very effective. No doubt Neem is one of the most healthy natural plant and its health benefits are known to everyone.

    Thanks for the article. Keep up the good work.

  2. Neem sahi m ek chamatkaari cheez h. Neem ke gun humaare shaashtro m bhi likha hua h.

    Bht ache se likha h aapne.


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