One Ayurvedic Medicine For Many Diseases

ayurvedic churan
Ayurvedic Medicine/Churan

By taking this powder/churan regularly, all the dirt deposited in the corner of the body - drains through the stool and urine, extra fat fades, the skin glows, and the body becomes more stunning and energetic. Come let's make it and use it.

Necessary Ingredients

1). Fenugreek seeds (Methi) -  250 grams

2). Celery (Ajwain) - 100g

3). Black cumin (Kala Jeera) - 50 g

Health Benefits

1. Cures Rheumatoid arthritis 

2. Doubles body's immune system

3. Cures constipation

4. Increases Blood circulation in the body and enhances the cleaning of blood

5. Reduces cholesterol and elevates the working of the heart. Reduces the risk of a heart attack 

6. Strengthen the bones and increases your memory

7. Improves eyesight and strengthens your teeth

8. Helps in digestion and reduces congestion

9. Boosts your energy level

10. Maintains women's shape after pregnancy

11. Brighten the skin and reduces the risk of any skin diseases

12. Keeps blood sugar in control and reduces the risk of diabetes

13. Cures a cough and keep the body warm  

14.  Reduces aging and helps in the growth of hairs

How to take it

1. Clean all the three above ingredients as mentioned.

2. Lightly bake all three ingredients, then mix all three and make its powder in the mixer. 

3. Keep the powder in a glass container. 

4. Take 1/2 spoon powder at night with a glass of water before going for sleep. After this, don't eat or drink anything.

5. Consume the powder every day after dinner. 

6. This magical mixture is helpful for people of all ages. The benefits will be seen within 80-90 days.


1. Do not eat any other food in the night after taking this powder.

2. Take the medicine/powder at least two hours after eating dinner.

3. Smoking and tobacco eating reduces the effect of medicine.

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  1. It's really a great article. Natural Things are the best. But is helpful for Kidney patients.

  2. Thank You "Abhishek". And yes, its's absolutely fine for Kidney Patients.

  3. We should always go for natural Medications.

    Can you please post some more natural Medicines.

  4. Nice article. Give some more healthy tips

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