5 Delicious And Healthy Alternative To Sugar

Sugar is not less than any poison. Although it works like slow poison and rides many diseases in the body, sitting on it. Sugar is made of sugarcane, but there are so many chemicals added in the process of cleaning and making it that it does not save any other nutrients besides sweeteners. 

If you can not control yourself from eating sugar then today is the time we are giving some healthy alternatives to sugar, which are as sweet as sugar and they have plenty of nutrients too. 

Apart from sugar, they protect the body from diseases. Though there are many options of sugar the properties of being sweet like sugar are in these five things that you will never feel the lack of sugar by bringing home. Like sugar, their sweetness can remain in your life. 

However, these alternatives to sugar are meant specifically for Diet Conscious people. People with diabetes and obesity can also keep their weight down by adopting these healthy alternatives of sugar. 

Healthy Alternatives To Sugar

1. Mishri

Khand or Mishri

Khand or Mishri is considered to be healthier than sugar. In old times, mishri was majorly used but due to the emergence of industrialization sugar was cheaper and sweeter and it captured the era of mishri. But now is the time mishri should be brought back to life and must be used as a healthy alternative for sugar. 

Mishri is also made from sugarcane but chemicals are not used in the production as done in the production of sugar. Mishri is either consumed in its solid form or in powdered form. But make sure, the shining mishri sold in the market is not of good quality. Mishri has a rough surface.

2. Coconut sugar 

Coconut sugar
Coconut sugar

Coconut sugar is brown in color. It is made with fresh water coming out of coconut trees. This water is burnt and sugar is made. It is a natural source to make sugar. Therefore, nutrients are also rich in it. However, if it is eaten too much it can do harm but it is not harmful like sugar.

3. Stevia

Stevia Leaves

A plant whose leaves are so sweet that you will forget the sugar. Leaves are dried to form a powder. It is so safe that people suffering from diabetes or obesity or other diseases can also eat it easily. It is a green powder and is sweeter than sugar.

4. Jaggery  


Jaggery is one of the finest alternatives to sugar. The way to make it is natural. But remember the thick jaggery is black, it is pure but the shining and red jaggery is not considered very healthy. This is because the chemical is used to make jaggery red and shiny. So eat such jaggery that is not too bright. 

5. Jaggery made from dates(खजूर) 

Jaggery made from dates
Jaggery Made From Dates

Jaggery made from dates is also very good for health. It is also made in a natural way and there is no use of any chemical in it. This is delicious too. It is made from the juice of the date palm. It's quite costly than normal jaggery but is healthier.


These alternatives of sugar can easily be found in any local or general store or on e-commerce sites. However, if you have diabetes or any other illness or problem, then consult a doctor for a proper diet. 
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