Is it necessary to brush twice a day?


Keeping your teeth clean goes far towards keeping them healthy and sound. But the question arises, how frequently should you be cleaning/brushing your teeth? 

Many people say brushing twice a day is healthy while some say brushing just once a day is fine. 

Here are some great tips on how many times to brush and things one should consider while brushing.

But first: Why to brush?

When you brush your teeth, you help remove food and plaque(a sticky white film that frames on your teeth and contains microscopic organisms). After you eat your food or snacks, that contains sugar, it gets stuck on your teeth. 

The bacteria present in plaque produces and expels harmful acids that harm tooth enamel. The repeated attack may demolish tooth enamel completely and leads to cavities. Plaque that isn't removed can likewise solidify into tartar, making it harder for us to keep teeth clean. Even regular brushing won't work.


It's recommended that if you've consumed food or drink which are acidic in nature, avoid brushing your teeth right away. These acids attack tooth enamel and make them weak, and brushing too early can damage enamel badly. Wait for some time after eating acidic food or brush beforehand.

How many times to brush

Both the American Dental Association and the National Health Service (NHS) advise this approach.

Tooth brushing once per day is sufficient to maintain oral health but not enough to prevent caries(Permanently damaged areas in teeth that develop into tiny holes) and gum infection. Therefore, tooth brushing Twice every day is suggested by most of the dentists so as to enhance plaque control. Brushing for 2 minutes, two times per day with the right brushing strategy will guarantee you have great oral health. This standard is followed by a large portion of dentists all over the world taking care of oral health and has also guranteed to be successful in support of oral health in various researches.

Brushing and Flossing at Home

The American Dental Association(ADA) suggests brushing your teeth two times every day with fluoride toothpaste. 

Dentists recommends to clean your teeth at home with a soft bristled brush twice every day. Mind that the brush that you use should easily fit the size of your mouth, and must be changed every 2-3 months. It is essential to move your brush back and forth gently to clean the external surfaces, internal surfaces, and the chewing surfaces of the majority of your teeth. To clean the front portion of your teeth, move your brush up and down. 

Flossing your teeth once a day will likewise remove any left food, plaque, and bacteria from between the teeths.

In addition to brushing your teeth twice a day, the American Dental Association also recommends that you:

1. Floss daily

2. Use fluoride toothpaste to brush your teeth.

3. Drink enough water, and eat a healthy diet and also maintain a time gap between meals.

4. Replace your toothbrush every 2-3 months, or sooner if the bristles are damaged.

5. Have dental checkups on a regular basis.

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