10 worst thing you've been doing wrong with your hair

Hair Care
Hair Care

Hair is considered to be one of the most delicate parts of our body. and little damage to it could cause a permanent loss of hair.

Lots of people use chemicals and hair care products excessively which leads to the total destruction of hair.

10 worst thing you've been doing wrong with your hair:


Combing when done too roughly or too often a day, can be harmful to hair in several ways. It's true that combing makes the hair look sober and gentle and its prescribed by many professional beauticians to comb hair every day.

But when combed several times a day could cause the hair to break and could also damage the cuticles. Combs have a sharp end which helps to organize hair but also causes damage to cuticle or root of the hair. And it's true that hair is in its most fragile state when it's wet, many professional beauticians and doctors recommend to comb hair when its semi-dry(neither too wet nor too dry). Combing a dry hair is also very harmful as it forms knots and becomes hard to comb and when combed, have to apply more force which in return leads to hair fall. Combing is good unless its done in a disciplined manner and must not be done too frequently a day.

What to do then:

Of course, we can't stop combing our hair, that would be silly and it will make our hair look dingy. But what we can do to protect our hair from combing is to:

1. Not to use combs too frequently.

2. Not to apply too much force on hairs while combing.

3. Get the right comb. Go for a wider toothed comb, as general combs have shaper tooth which hurts cuticle. So go for quality brushes with the wider tooth.

4. Shampoo and condition hair regularly to remove the dirt and knots from hair which form on hairs from time to time.

2. Using the wrong shampoo:

Shampoos play an important role in cleaning your hairs. Professionals always suggest Sulfate and Paraben free shampoos. 

Ingredients Of Shampoo
Ingredients Of Shampoo

What do these do to our hairs?

What is Sulfate= Sulfate(sodium lauryl sulfate) is present in our shampoos which have the role of creating lather while washing. Actually, SLF(sodium lauryl sulfate) is a detergent and crystalline lauryl alcohol.

These are important to create lather but a high amount of these chemicals in shampoo makes the natural oil to wash off from hairs which ultimately makes the hair dry.

What is Paraben= In order to preserve the shell life of many shampoos, paraben is used. Paraben is a preservative and is used to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus in shampoo. This chemical is harsh on hair and affects the health of hair.

What to do then:

We can't stop cleaning our hair and nor we can stop buying shampoos but choosing the right shampoo will help in improving the life of hair.

1. Use a mild shampoo(which are sulfate of paraben free or present in a very little amount).

2. Not use anti-dandruff shampoos too frequently, as these shampoos remove dandruff very well but are quite rough on hairs. So use of anti-dandruff shampoos once a week could be a better deal for hairs.

3. Avoid shampooing every day. Shampoo cleans the natural oil from scalps and this affects the growth of hairs.

3. Using too many chemicals on hairs:

Everyone has the desire to look good and hair gel or hair wax helps in fulfilling such desire. But these Products affects the hairs in a negative way.

Hair gels/wax contains many harsh chemicals which are good for styling but are very bad for hairs health. Some chemicals these products contain are:

a). Isopropyl Alcohol= Also used in antifreeze and as a solvent in shellac, this hair product ingredient is not good for hair growth.

b). Mineral oil= This ingredient is commonly used petroleum ingredient. It coats the skin just like a plastic wrap, it also stops the skin from releasing essential oils which slows down natural hair growth.

c). Chlorine= Chlorine is used as a disinfectant in swimming pools to clean the dirt present in water. And the same chemical is used in hair gels/wax which makes hair brittle and leads to hair fall.

What to do then:

The primary object of hair products is to give hair the desired shape which is against nature of hair, these chemicals adversely affect hairs growth for eg.. hair products stop oil excretion from scalps, chemicals present in these products interferes with the growth of hair which lead to brittleness and hardness in hair. And in the future, causes baldness.

Then How to prevent this?

1. Go for more natural hair products.

2. Before buying any hair products check for its chemical composition, if that product contains too many chemicals, leave the product.

3. Don't use the product too frequently. it's recommended to use once every 2-3 weeks.

4. Properly wash hair with shampoo and conditioners after using the hair product.

5. Oil hair properly to compensate for the loss done by the hair products.

4.Direct exposure to the sun:

Sunlight is enriched with "Vitamin D" which our body needs to function. Sunlight is also essential for overall health, but direct exposure to it for a longer period is surely not good for hairs.

Sunscreens help in protecting the body from sunlight but there's no such thing for hairs. sunlight degrades hair protein balance and demolishes pigments in hair which are essential for hairs health.

Direct exposure to the sun also causes dehydration which leads to protein loss and ultimately leads to deacceleration in hair growth and makes the hair look dull.

What to do then:

1. Wear scarfs or cap during the daytime, whenever going out.

2. Never go out during daytime with wet hairs. This causes the hairs to dry very quickly and make the hair weak.

3. Never avoid oiling. Oiling acts as a protective layer on hairs from sunlight.

4. Never forget to wash hair regularly.

5. Avoid oiling:

Oiling is a must for hairs as it exfoliates hair growth and rejuvenates hair. But people often don't give much emphasis on oiling. This is the reason why nowadays many people have dry scalp. 

Oils are enriched with nutrients and it helps in increasing the tensile strength of hair and it also reduces frizziness and prevents breaking of hair.

What to do then:

1. Apply oil twice a week for healthy and strong hairs.

2. Warm oils are considered to be more effective than regular oil. warm oil helps in accelerating the flow of blood to our brain.

6. Not getting enough protein:

Every single individual strand of hair on the head is 80-90% comprised of a protein called "keratin". protein is very much needed by every individual for their body to function and so is with hairs, keratin helps in the growth of hairs.

Not getting enough protein deaccelerates hair growth and makes them dull. Protein gives the hair the right nutrition to grow and gives hairs the color to shine, and a balanced protein diet ensures less hair fall.

Sources of protein:

1. eggs (13g protein/100g quantity), (boiled)

2. chicken (31g protein/100g quantity), (chicken breast, boiled)

3. lentils (09g protein/100g quantity), (Boiled)

4. yogurt (10g protein/100g quantity), (normal)

5. Fish(22g protein/100g quantity), (cooked)

6. Almonds(21g protein/100g quantity), (Soaked)

7. broccoli(2.8g protein/100g quantity), (cooked)

See Also: Rich Sources Of Protein

What to do then:

Proteins are an essential part of our diet and are very important for our health.

1. Include at least 100g of chicken breast in your diet(non-vegetarian) 4 times a week, 100g pulses (vegetarian) every day.

2. With the consumption of protein, a little exercise will jazz up your hairs health.

7. Bleaching your hair:

Of all coloring methods, bleach is the most dangerous one, and should not be performed by an amateur. Professionals are hired to bleach the hair and they use a very extensive method to bleach hairs, which is not possible at home.

Bleaching raises hairs outer cuticle to allow the bleaching agent(color) to fully penetrate. However, repeated bleaching can permanently raise the cuticle scales which allow the rapid and continuous loss of moisture. Damage from bleach includes dry, brittle, inelastic hair, and lead to breakage and split ends.

Bleached hair is also more porous and swollen and therefore more vulnerable to other chemical and non-chemical processes.

What to do then:

Everyone wants to look good and bleaching surely does the job. But remember that:

1. Never try bleaching hair at home, hire a professional to perform such a delicate thing.

2. Never go for cheap bleaching products as they could permanently damage your hair.

3. Its recommended by professional to condition hair properly after bleaching. Conditioning on a regular basis allows hairs to regain moisture which they lost substantially during bleaching.

4. Buy some damage defense products to keep the shine and health of hairs. These products also help to seal gaps occurred during raised cuticle.

5. Never overheat bleached hair, as this will thrust the loss of moisture from hairs.

8. Smoking:

Everyone must have heard the ill effects of smoking on our health. But does smoking affects our hairs health too?

Blood is considered to be the delivery agent of our body as they carry nutrients and oxygen which they transfer to different parts of our body(primarily cells). The blood also delivers nutrients to organs all the way up to our scalp where the hair follicle receive the nutrients to grow.

But frequent smoking habit messes with the blood circulation and leads to premature shedding, thinning and even balding. As the blood carrying nutrients mixes with harmful chemicals which cigarettes exhibit in our body, and this mixture of blood and harmful chemical reaches scalp and deteriorates the health of hairs.

What to do then:

Some people might have noticed the greying of hairs of smokers. The color of hair is the result of melanin produced by the melanocytes. And smoke from cigarettes restricts the production of melanin in the required amount, leads to greying of hairs.

Then what to do?

1. If you want a healthy life, then immediately quit smoking.

2. And if you can't quit smoking, try to depreciate the intake of cigarettes.

3. Eat nicotine gums which helps in quitting smoking.

9. Washing hairs with hot water:

During winters, it's very difficult to bathe with cold water or even normal water. So, people switch to hot or boiling water for bathing. But, Is hot water not good for our hairs?

Many doctors recommend bathing with lukewarm water as lukewarm water relaxes the body more quickly as compared to normal water or cold water.

However washing hairs with water which is too hot(which many people want during winter season) can dry our hair and scalp, making hair brittle and more prone to breakage. Washing hair with excessively hot water also washes the oil more quickly than lukewarm water and that affects the growth of hairs.

What to do then:

1. Wash body with hot water except for hairs. 

2. Use lukewarm water for hairs as this will not affect the health of hairs.

10. Overheating: 

Hair straighteners, curling irons or hair dryers are used by almost every boy/girl nowadays. But, Are they really good for hairs?

Use of these products on a regular basis can be destructive for hairs. When heating equipment is used on follicle of hairs, they dry up the moisture of hair which lead to brittleness and dullness of hairs. Excessive heating damages the cuticles leading to loosening od strength in hairs.

What to do then:

Heating equipment is used to give hairs a definite shape, But, how should they be used?

1. It's recommended using hair dryers and straighteners once every week.

2. Don't go for the cheap products, as those are not reliable at all and could lead to the permanent destruction of hairs.

3. Always recommend hair dryers and straighteners with heat control feature
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